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Magnetic Materials

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The permanent magnet materials  by the magnet (SmCo magnet, NdFeB magnet, AINiCo magnet or Ferrite magnet) other some spare parts is composed, the rubber, the iron stock all possibly become magnetism system a part. Sometimes the magnet system may satisfy the special request or as the magnet substitution which some single magnets cannot achieve achieved the magnet can achieve the effect, at the same time also saves the cost compared to the independent employment magnet. We may process the different performance, the shape magnet system according to the visitor blueprint, and may provide the parties concerned the technical consultation.

Magnetic material is divided into: soft magnetic materials, permanent magnet materials, magnetic recording - moment magnetic materials, magnetic materials, spin, etc. types.Soft magnetic materials, permanent magnet materials, magnetic recording - Magnetic Materials moment there are both metal ferrite materials; the rotating magnetic materials and high-frequency soft magnetic material is ferrite materials can only be, because the metal in highfrequency and microwave frequency eddy current effect will be enormous, cause the metal magnetic material can not be used, Er ferrite resistivity is very high, will be effective in overcoming the Wen Ti, Dedaoguangfan application.

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