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Magnetic Materials

Pot magnets are encased within a steel shell to ensure maximum performance whilst protecting the magnet from cracking or chipping when in use. With many fixing options, these magnets provide extreme versatility for a wide range of applications
Product Description

The permanent magnet materials  , magnetic systems,  pot magnets. 

  1. Simple structure properly designed with maximum magnetic force.

  2. Magnets can be NdFeb, SmCo, Alnico, Ferrite, etc.

  3. Coating option: Zn, Ni, Cr, Painting, Rubber cover, etc. 

  4. Other special request can be custom made. 


Pot magnets can be used in mounting, lifting, holding , fixing and transferring equipment .

Applications include marine, Point of Sale, window dressing, door / cupboard and gate clamps, false ceiling clamps, signs and banners, torque limited seals, jigs and fixtures, lighting fixtures and assemblies, marketing and exhibition displays, retrieval magnets, industrial fixings, etc. 

We specialize in the production and sales of ferrite magnets, neodymium magnets and pot magnets. Our magnets can be customized according to your requirements. If you want to know more about our magnets , please feel free to contact us.



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Zhejiang Kaiven Magnet Company, Ltd., is a leading permanent ferrite magnet and magnetic assembly manufacturer in China.

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