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Neodymium Magnet
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Neodymium Magnet

Also known as neodymium iron boron magnets, the chemical formula for Nd2Fe14B, is a man-made permanent magnet.So far, this is the strongest magnetic materials, known as the king of the magnet. NdFeB magnet is found in the commercialization of highest performance magnets, known as the magnetic king, with a high maximum magnetic energy product (BHmax) higher than the ferrite (Ferrite) 10 times.Mechanical processing properties of its own some very good.Operating temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius.And its hard texture, stable performance, good value for money, so its application is extremely broad.But because of its strong chemical activity, it is necessary for its surface coating.(Such as plating Zn, Ni, electrophoresis, passivation, etc.).

Zhejiang Kaiven Magnet Company, Ltd., is a leading permanent ferrite magnet and magnetic assembly manufacturer in China.

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