4 Tips About Of Permanent Ferrite Magnet Application Field
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4 Tips About Of Permanent Ferrite Magnet Application Field

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1.Application in microwave communication technology:

Permanent ferrite magnet  are used in radar technology, satellite communications, remote control telemetry technology, electronic tracking, electronic countermeasures technology. Magnetrons are used in magnetron tubes, magnetron traveling wave tubes, cathode ray tubes, circulators, etc.

2.Application in electrical engineering:

More than one-third of the output of Permanent ferrite magnet materials is used to manufacture various permanent magnet motors. The advantages of permanent magnet motors are copper saving, electricity saving, light weight, small size and high specific power. Electric bicycle motors, computer-driven motors, lathes, etc., measuring motor speed and rotation speed, elevator traction machine motors, mahjong motors, refrigerator air-conditioning motors, wind power motors, automobile starting motors, etc. are extremely wide-ranging.

3.Application in electroacoustic devices:

Such as speakers (speakers), microphones, hearing aids, stereo headphones (MP3, MP4), telephone receivers and electro-acoustic sensors, etc.

4.Application in magnetic mechanical engineering:

Magnetic machinery includes magnetic actuators, magnetic gears, magnetic brakes, magnetic clamps, magnetic fishing devices, magnetic bearings, magnetic pumps, magnetic valves, magnetic sealing doors, magnetic locks and permanent magnet jacks, Permanent ferrite magnet , etc.

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