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Zhejiang Kaiven Magnet Company, Ltd.
is a leading permanent ferrite magnet and magnetic assembly manufacture in China.
Kaiven had been certified with conforming to ISO9002, 1994 Version, in 1998, and ISO9001, 2000 version, in 2002, and QS9000, 1998 version, and ISO14000. 000.
 Kaiven welcomes your cooperation.
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  • segment-magnet

    Segment Magnet

    We specialized in the production and sale of SegMent Magnet, can be customized according to various SegMent Magnet, if you need to know more SegMent Magnet relations information, please contact us.

  • ndfeb-magnet

    Ndfeb Magnet

    NdFeB is small, light weight and strong magnetic features, is by far the best cost performance magnets.

  • alnico-magnet

    Alnico Magnet

    Alnico magnet is the oldest of a magnet, known as a natural magnet, although he the oldest, but his excellent adaptation to high temperature, it is still one of the most important magnet. Aluminumnickel and cobalt in high temperature above 500ºC work, this is his greatest characteristics, while corrosion resistance stronger than other magnets.

  • smco-magnet

    Smco Magnet

    Samarium cobalt permanent magnet with high energy product and high coercive force, its better than the AlNiCo magnet magnetic, ferrite magnet, the maximum energy product up to 239kJ/m3 (30MGOe), is AlNiCo8 3 PMtimes, ferrite permanent magnet (Y40) 8 times, so SmCo permanent magnet components made of small size, light weight, stable performance.

  • rubber-magnet

    Rubber Magnet

    It consists of ferrite magnetic powder, CPE, and made of some trace elements can be bent, can twist and could be rolled.It can be used without additional machining can also be trimmed according to the required size of the shape of magnetic rubber compound according to customer requirements can be PVC, glossy paper, the UV oil.
point   Zhejiang Kaiven Magnet Company, Ltd.

Zhejiang Kaiven Magnet Company was established in 1987. After 10 year developing and expanding, Kaiven has become the second largest permanent ferrite magnet manufacturing and exporting base in China.With 47,000 square meter space, more than 700 employee, and state of art manufacturing facility, from raw material to magnet, the company is capable of producing more than 15,000 ton Y25, Y28, Y30, Y30BH, Y33 Y34 and etc, three series dry press and wet press magnet with more than 3000 specifications and shapes including rings, blocks, arcs and etc. “Kaiven?brand ferrite magnet is specialized in large angle arc magnet. Kaiven product also includes NdFeB, SmCo, Alnico and plastic magnets.

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The Pursuit of Excellence
We have done so in clear target to quantify the results-oriented, results-oriented. We take responsibility for the results to be the most important thing to do the best. We have a strong desire to actively strive for success and continuously improve the level of performance to win the market.
Collaboration Integrity
We have a serious attitude to do the right thing, advocating an open and direct communication, frank others, to keep its word and abide by discipline. We take every action to make every decision, uphold the company's values and principles. We insist on the attitude of seeking truth from facts, t
We firmly believe that the interests of the company solidarity with the staff, all staff are a valuable asset of the company is the company's strength. We are all part of the company, such as the question has been pending, the company's vision, have a strong sense of identity and mission, all ac
Core Values
"Dao De Jing" in "Daosheng a second life, Second Health III Sansheng things" is, this is also well explained Kevin philosophy of running enterprises.
Zhejiang Kaiven Magnet Company, Ltd., is a leading permanent ferrite magnet and magnetic assembly manufacture in China.

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