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  • Ferrite-Segment-Magnet

    Ferrite Segment Magnet

    We are specializing in the production and sales of ferrite segment magnet for more than 30 years.Our segment magnets can be customized according to your drawings or requirements, if you need to know more information about Segment Magnet, please contact us.

  • ndfeb-magnet

    Ndfeb Magnet

    Neodymium magnets are a member of the Rare Earth magnet family and are the most powerful permanent magnets in the world. They are also referred to as NdFeB magnets, or NIB, because they are composed mainly of Neodymium (Nd), Iron (Fe) and Boron (B).
    N35, N38, N42, N38SH...what does it all mean? Neodymium magnets are all graded by the material they are made of. As a very general rule, the higher the grade (the number following the 'N'), the stronger the magnet. The highest grade of neodymium magnet currently available is N52. Any letter following the grade refers to the temperature rating of the magnet. If there are no letters following the grade, then the magnet is standard temperature neodymium. The temperature ratings are standard (no designation) - M - H - SH - UH - EH.

  • Small-Ring-Magnets

    Small Ring Magnets

    Ferrite ring magnets, also known as ceramic magnets, are a type of permanent magnet made from rusted iron (iron oxide). Due to the low production costs of iron, ferrite ring magnets are more affordable than rare-earth magnets, making them a popular choice for applications that don’t require the strength of magnets like neodymium. They’re also highly resistant to corrosion.

  • Super-Strong--Neodymium-Magnets

    Super Strong  Neodymium Magnets

    Neodymium magnets are also known as super magnets. A well-deserved name indeed, as they have extraordinary strength even at their smallest size and are among the strongest permanent magnets in the world. The magnetic material of our super-strength magnets is an alloy consisting of neodymium, iron and boron (NdFeB). Neodymium magnets are used for a wide range of applications, from cabinetry, lighting systems, plastics technology and packaging materials to the construction of models.
    Ferrite Ring Magnet
    Ferrite ring magnets, also known as ceramic ring ferrites, come in a wide range of sizes. They are often used in loudspeakers and in resonance imaging and torque drives. Other applications for this permanent magnet include holding, door closures, joinery, and lighting fixtures. 
    Ferrite rings are similar to ferrite disc magnets but with a hole in the middle, which makes them a versatile magnet option. One popular application is the fishing game, tied on a piece of string, or to pick up pins and needles.
    Ferrite Ceramic Rings have less magnetic strength (due to the hole) but their inexpensive pricing makes them a customer favourite.