Permanent ferrite magnet application field
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Permanent ferrite magnet application field

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Permanent ferrite magnet application field

Application in transportation:

The train manufactured by the principle of same sex repulsion is called maglev train; modern luxury cars need 15-70 permanent magnet devices, such as: windshield wiper motor, oil pump motor, window motor, door lock motor, defogging motor, Automatic steam controller, starter motor, etc.

Application in magnetic separation technology:

The technique of separating ferromagnetic materials from non-ferromagnetic materials using magnetic methods is called magnetic separation technology. Magnetic separation technology has been widely used in mineral processing, coal preparation, raw material processing, water processing, garbage processing, and in the medical, chemical and food industries.

Application in magnetization technology:

Use the magnetic field to magnetize the substance to change the bonding state and properties of the magnetized substance; or change the atomic and electronic state to promote the chemical reaction of the substance and the combustion of fuel; or change the crystalline form or freezing point of the substance. This technique is called Magnetization technology. Magnetizers, fuel economizers in automobiles, oil wax protectors in oil exploration, etc.

Applications in magnetic therapy and fitness equipment:

Such as magnetic therapy water cups, magnetic balls, magnetic therapy machines, magnetic therapy shoes, magnetic therapy caps, magnetic therapy bracelets, necklaces, etc., as well as medical equipment that has developed rapidly in recent years. The amount of each MRI device is 3 ——4 tons. Just imagine how much Permanent ferrite magnet should be used if each hospital in China is equipped with an MRI!


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