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Zhejiang Kaiven Magnet Company, Ltd.
ZheJiang Kaiven Magnet Co.,Ltd and ZheJiang Kaiven Magnetics Co.,Ltd are affiliated to Kaiven Holding Group. Kaiven Magnet was founded in 1987. With advanced technology and strong R & D capability, Kaiven Magnet has been growing to a Chinese Top 10 ferrite and neodymium magnet manufacturer. The company’s annual production capacity is 20,000 tons of ferrite magnet and 1,500 tons of neodymium magnet. Kaiven products are widely applied to synchronous motor,  electroacoustic product , robots, elevator and etc. “High starting point, High requirement, High standard” is the core value and target of Kaiven Group.
Founded in 1987
Covers an area of 47,000 square meters
More than 700 employees
Production capacity of more than 15,000 tons

● Enterprise goal: people-oriented integrity as the first

Optimizing management of energy saving and consumption reduction
Continuous performance innovation customer satisfaction

● Cultural concept: realistic, innovative, pioneering and dedicated

Realistic innovation, pioneering dedication, this is Kaiven's spirit of enterprise. The key to this spirit is based on the facts, forge ahead!Bring forth the old and seek breakthroughs constantly.Seeking truth is the foundation, while innovation is development.Such a spirit can make the enterprise in a virtuous circle, and successfully create a positive cultural atmosphere.

● Management philosophy: cultural edification, concept penetration

The highest level of management lies in the influence of corporate culture on employees.The mutual infiltration of enterprise management and enterprise culture makes the enterprise and employees achieve a high degree of unity in their world views and values. The only thing the enterprise needs is the dedication and dedication of employees, which is Kaiven's consistent pursuit of management.

● Manager philosophy: integrity management, mutual benefit and win-win

Honesty is the foundation of man and the foundation of enterprise management.Kaiven adhere to the integrity of business, sincere communication with partners, treat customers strictly abide by the quality first.With the vast number of partners to work together, integrity management, service consumers, to achieve the true sense of mutual benefit and win-win, is Kaiven's unremitting goal.

● Technical concept: innovation, one step ahead

It is an eternal truth that science and technology are the primary productive forces.The pursuit of constant innovation in technology is the root of Kaiven's prosperity and the driving force of his achievements.The market is changeable, the technology is changing with each passing day, standing in the forefront of science and technology, every step ahead, is the direction of Kaiven's constant efforts.
Kaiven is a high-tech magnetic material manufacturer with advanced R&D, excellent manufacturing ability and outstanding sales team. Amount of our productions exported to USA, French, German, Italy , Korea and more about 20 countries and districts. 
In order to insure the top priority of our quality, Kaiven applied many quality control measures and systems including factory 5S Management, ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 and etc.


Kaiven has the highest quality standard, well trained management, an experienced engineering team, premium magnetic materials, world class manufacturing technology,and first-class service to provide our customers the best possible magnet supplying and magnetic solutions. Kaiven welcomes your cooperation.
Zhejiang Kaiven Magnet Company, Ltd., is a leading permanent ferrite magnet and magnetic assembly manufacturer in China.

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