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Block Magnet

A permanent magnet is an object made from a material that is magnetized and creates its own persistent magnetic field. An everyday example is a refrigerator magnet used to hold notes on a refrigerator door. Materials that can be magnetized, which are also the ones that are strongly attracted to a magnet, are called ferromagnetic (or ferrimagnetic). These include iron, nickel, cobalt, some alloys of rare earth metals, and some naturally occurring minerals such as lodestone. Although ferromagnetic (and ferrimagnetic) materials are the only ones attracted to a magnet strongly enough to be commonly considered magnetic, all other substances respond weakly to a magnetic field, by one of several other types of magnetism.
Detailed Description:
In the absence of external magnetic field, can long maintain its magnetic objects.

neodymium block magnets application in the electric meter has a wide grip, and in particular, regardless of the orientation of aluminum alloy of nickel emergence of new technology to improve the coercive force of permanent magnets to improve the energy product; and the emergence of new technology to improve the powder metallurgy manufacturingprocess and part of the stability of permanent magnets in the electric meter so to get a broader, more general application of temperature.

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