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Corporate Identity

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Any enterprise to achieve and maintain a leading position in the industry, the most important thing is to determine the enterprise's mission, know the way forward for businesses. It is also important that employees recognized the same basic values, all in the same momentum, driven by hard work, and constantly upgrade their skills, better and more efficient for the customer service. In order to fulfill its responsibilities, the establishment of the enterprise's vision, mission, strategy and core values. These are the essence of our culture - it summed up our character and our values that it represented. Silver balls are each bound by an employee, and to develop practical action.
Vision : To improve the quality of industrial products, the revitalization of national industry
Mission : to provide the needs of the customers closer to a world-class industrial products and services; lay leadership in the industry to maintain its profit growth to meet customer needs, improve the quality of staff to achieve maximum optimization at all levels.
Strategy : to the quality and credibility for the wing, innovative, stable development of demand, the pursuit of excellence, and create a core competence

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