Introduction of NdFeB magnet process
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Introduction of NdFeB magnet process

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Introduction of NdFeB magnet  process

1. Raw material preparation and pretreatment:

Brief introduction of the process: pre-process the raw materials for weighing, crushing, material breaking and rust removal.

Process equipment: steel bar cutting machine, drum polishing machine, etc.

2. Smelting:

Process introduction: The pre-processed raw materials praseodymium neodymium, pure iron, ferroboron, etc. are proportioned according to the proportion, added to the vacuum melting furnace, and then smelted at high temperature under the protection of argon. Make the product components uniform, high crystal orientation, good organization consistency, and avoid the formation of ɑ-Fe.

Process equipment: vacuum melting furnace

3. Hydrogen explosion:

Process description: The hydrogen explosion (HD) process is to use the hydrogen absorption characteristics of rare earth intermetallic compounds to place the neodymium iron boron alloy in a hydrogen environment. The hydrogen enters the alloy along the thin layer of the neodymium-rich phase, causing it to expand, burst and break. The cracking at the neodymium-rich phase layer ensures the integrity of the main phase grains and the interphase of the neodymium-rich grains. The HD process makes the flakes of NdFeB very loose, which greatly improves the efficiency of the pulverizer and reduces the production cost.

Process equipment: vacuum hydrogen treatment furnace

4. Milling:

Process description: Air milling powder is crushed by high-speed collision of the material itself, without abrasion and pollution on the inner wall of the mill, and the powder can be prepared efficiently.

Process equipment: jet mill

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