Permanent magnet iron remover neodymium magnet and its use
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Permanent magnet iron remover neodymium magnet and its use

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Permanent magnet separators are composed of neodymium magnets with high remanence. Neodymium magnets are widely used rare earth magnets. Neodymium magnets are permanent magnets made of neodymium alloy, boron and iron, forming a tetragonal crystal structure. Permanent magnet separators mean that they can maintain their magnetism for a high period of time, continuously generating magnetic fields from the surrounding environment.

Permanent magnet separators These magnets are actually commercially available strong permanent magnet types, and they even replace other magnet types in different applications when manufacturing modern products that require strength. Today you will find magnets in cordless tools such as motors, fasteners and even hard drives. The following are some common uses of neodymium magnets.

Permanent magnetiron remover medical industry use-Permanent magnet iron remover neodymium magnet is widely used in magnification therapy of medical practitioners and physical therapists to relieve pain. Permanent magnet iron removers are also sold as medical devices, worn as shoe inserts, blankets and bracelets. They stabilize the iron content and hemoglobin content in the blood. They are also used in dentures to hold them together and in other orthodontic devices.

Iron Industry Use-These magnets are used in the iron industry, especially for lifting huge iron materials from iron powder, while weaker magnets attract dust particles. In heavy manufacturing and engineering industries, magnets can lift large iron products and can also be used as magnetic separators.

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